Create your bliss

Coke or Pepsi. Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

Life is filled with choices and industry is filled with competition. Most times, customers are forced to choose one or the other.

When you partner with, however, you don’t have to choose. That’s because at SurfCT, we have partnered with a variety of major best of breed technology companies to bring you the most advanced and comfortable information technology experience for your practice. We are certified to work with Apple, Dell and HP products, as well as certified and/or trained to work with all the top dental software and technology equipment manufacturing companies to help you create your bliss in your office.

“We are the only company with as much depth of knowledge in all of the various dental technologies that can best serve our clients,” said Paul Vigario, President of SurfCT. “We don’t sell products for a particular manufacturer: we are a trusted technology partner, and we’ve been able to carve out that niche in the industry because we act as an independent IT department with no ulterior motive but to make sure our dentists have the most amazing technology product integration and services working together as a completely integrated technology system that serves their needs.”

Most dental technology companies contract with certain manufacturers and therefore have a vested – and oftentimes financial interest – in pushing certain products or services. By design, SurfCT is designed to be fully independent with the engineering knowledge to integrate all dental technologies not just  a particular product or service – with this knowledge our commitment of service is to you, the doctor, Vigario says.

Vigario makes it clear that he does not sell dental technology equipment – he integrates them completely for doctors. The best-of-breed manufacturers trust in SurfCT to perform this service for the best, most advanced automated systems, which are completely integrated.

We work with DentrixPracticeWorksEaglesoftSoftDentCurve, just to name a few in the dental space and even specialty products like WinomsCSDolphinTopsOrtho and Orthotrac, along with dozens of others in the specialty space.

Vigario tells a story that vividly describes why it is so important to have a trusted partner who will work with a variety of technology manufacturers. Recently, SurfCT met with a dentist who had a good practice management system and wanted a digital X-ray system in her office.

She spoke with the X-ray technology company she wanted, whose distributor told her the only way she could integrate that system in her office was if she changed her practice management system. She and her staff had been using this practice management software for more than 12 years and they loved it. The idea of having to train on a new software practice management system – with a learning curve of 6-12 months – seemed painstaking.

“She would have had to pay almost double the amount because they work with a specific distributor that in this case wanted to push its own practice management system onto customers,” Vigario explains. “We told her she didn’t have to do that. It just makes sense: you don’t need to buy a brand new car if you just want new shiny wheels. As engineers, we can integrate the dental technologies you want for your practice with the ones you already have.”

SurfCT engineering was able to allow this client to get herself the new digital X-ray system she wanted and integrate it with her existing practice management system. As Vigario states, it was a win for everybody.

“Most importantly, the dental office wins because they get exactly what they want, and nothing they don’t need,” he said. “The digital sales reps and distributors win because they still get a sale and the most positive client experience. The trust we build with our technology knowledge is powerful for everyone

Vigario further explains his philosophy: “We are pro-technology. We want to bring the client the best possible dental technology on the market. But we are not pro-waste. As system engineers, if something is not broken, we’re not going to try to fix it or replace it. We are not going to make anyone spend money unnecessarily, and we are going to find the most advanced, efficient and cost effective way possible to help our partners create their practice bliss and achieve their goals.”