Hundreds of color coded patient files in manila folders line the shelves in many dental offices as they have for generations. They are filled with papers containing copies of dental history, treatment plans, x-rays, and dozens of pages of other dental notes about patients.

The old charts are going the way of the encyclopedia – patient information will no longer be lining your shelves, it will stored on your computer. Chartless dentistry is here.

It’s easy to go chartless if you have a new practice, but the downside of having a booming, established practice is that converting from paper to the computer can be daunting. But have no fear – a trusted IT partner can help get you there. It will certainly take significant time and without the proper planning, the effort can be futile. With appropriate planning, however, you can achieve paperless success and efficiency in a practice beyond your wildest dreams. Sound good?  YES it can be amazing!

Let’s make this clear: There is no single way to go chartless because each practice has its own distinctive set of challenges. The four most common fears that dentists have about eliminating paper charts are:

  • They don’t know where to start: everyone they speak to is ready to sell them the next gadget for paperless but no one really has a fool proof, tailored plan for their practice needs to go paperless in a comfortable and efficient way.
  • They are worried about losing patient data.
  • They fear their computer networks are archaic and unreliable.
  • They are concerned that their own technology skill sets – and that of associate dentists and team members – are insufficient and will slow down their procedures.

These are all legitimate concerns that many dentists face. But they are nothing that cannot be overcome with the help of a trusted, neutral information technology partner with technology experts and engineers who have brought hundreds of established practices paperless.

paperless1Let’s break down how a knowledgeable and trusted IT partner can help your dental practice:

  • A trusted technology firm such as is comprised of systems engineers and technology specialists. We don’t have boxed products or extra gadgets full of promises to sell you. We design custom solutions that get you the results you want. We start with the people and work our way back to the technology. We bring answers and results to your vision and dreams.
  • If you are worried about losing patient data or records, you are not alone. Most dental and medical professionals have fears about data breaches and server failure because they have very serious consequences. The way to overcome this fear is simple: back it up and have a plan B, and Plan C, and have most of these plans automated. A trusted IT partner can help you develop a backup strategy that will protect your patients’ data and your practice. You will be more confident, which will allow you to move forward in practice technology. Moving forward with technology the right way can be very rewarding.
  • If you are worried about inadequate or slow computer networks, a trusted IT partner can help with that, too. For too many years, dentists have relied on friends, family members and even themselves to fix IT problems at the office. Now some practices are relying on big supply houses to do this and they may or may not have your best interest in mind.  Care for another gadget?  There is now a trend to go with a corporate supplier involved in IT, and there is a conflict of interest for the practice. It can also have pitfalls as the next gadget is ready to be sold to you but with no real plan to implement with the end goal of going paperless. The time has come to make a modest investment in information technology with a trusted IT partner who has your best interest in mind – the goals you set forward for your practice.
  • Many dentists and their team have concerns about their own technology skill set. The best way to overcome this is with thorough training. A trusted IT partner will have team members who specialize in thorough training and make themselves available at a moment’s notice to answer questions and offer assistance. In today’s world, we can be productive about training, proactive about a plan, and automate many processes so you can focus on what you love to do, which is practicing dentistry.

Watch the video below to learn more about how can help you. is a trusted partner in Dental Information Technology. With 12 years of experience, our team of engineers and technology specialists handles more than 1,400 dental practices in 12 states. With our non-biased and knowledgeable expert guidance, your practice will be ready to go paperless and you can focus on your patients and the things that matter most to you in life.  Create Your Bliss with today.