Greed is defined in the Bible as one of the seven deadly sins and the “root of all evil.” The Torah prohibits obtaining money wrongfully. The Qur’an views greed as a distraction from God.

Although just about every major religion in the world condemns greed, it still rears its ugly head in society every day. And as much as we don’t want to admit it or even broach this uncomfortable subject, many of us will one day employ someone who is so greedy that he/she will attempt to steal from us, even though we pay them a competitive salary, offer them good benefits and treat them well.

For more than a decade, I’ve had countless conversations with dentists from the quiet rural areas of Massachusetts and Connecticut, to the bustling streets of Manhattan; they confide in me that they had an employee or two who has stolen from them. Many times, it is someone who is high within the trust circle of their practice. I’ve spoken to dentists who have had once trusted employees turn on them and steal between $15,000 to $80,000, over time.

While this is not a subject they are comfortable speaking about at the family dinner table, they will tell a trusted IT partner because they are looking for ways to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Technology can help monitor these activities well in the early stages so that people are caught, which can contain and limit the amount of damage to the business and practice.

etc_elephantroom50__01__630x420Embezzlement is the elephant in the room for many businesses and practices, but we have to get comfortable talking about it because it does happen. Many small businesses do not have a system of checks and balances the way they should, like corporations have – a process to root out untrustworthy employees. There are wonderful technologies out there that can help you keep an eye not only on the money in your office but also keep you in compliance with the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA.

We don’t think every company or practice has someone who embezzles, but we want to make sure our clients are protected. Dentists who utilize our affordable technology systems that can help keep track of what is happening in their offices have peace of mind. If anyone gains access to a computer after hours, or off peak hours (and usually that is when this happens because trusted team members have keys to the building and remote access to computer systems) our technology alerts you so you can go back to that moment in time and see exactly what it was your employees were doing. If they are working hard and ethically, that is wonderful. However, if they are doing something they are not supposed to, would you know?Fullscreen capture 8182015 124614 AM.bmp

You can now capture that moment in time. It’s all about peace of mind. If employees are doing good work, that is important to know, as well; it’s nice to know what your team members are up to. The technology allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your practice, even when you are not able to be at the office.

We’ve put these systems in place all over the country and unfortunately we’ve seen people cutting checks at weird hours of the day to the wrong people. And while we hate to see that, it’s amazing how well the technology is able to trace back to the culprit in virtually real time.

So I thought I would share this with our faithful readers to let them know while embezzlement is a something people are afraid to speak about, you are not alone. You are running a business, you are busy. Still, many dentists who fall victim to embezzlement feel they should have been on top of what was happening and often blame themselves. But if someone breaks into your house and robs you, you can’t start blaming yourself, right?

12666042_lWhile many of us protect ourselves and our families at home, we should be protecting our place of business, as well. The nice thing about living in a technological world is that when you apply technology properly, you are going to get amazing results. There are some nice, cost-effective strategies out there that can help track and monitor what is happening on your network. And these systems are not just designed for embezzlement, they are also designed to help you stay secure and complaint with patient information and HIPAA laws.

Putting the right technology systems in place can help your team feel more accomplished and make sure everyone is doing what is necessary to help the practice grow and stay the proper course for success. It’s good for the doctor, the team and the patients. Technology applied properly and with purpose can help you achieve your vision faster in the safest and most productive way. You will be protected and enjoy the peace of mind and benefits of these business monitoring, shielding and extraordinary goal-oriented systems. Are you protected? Are you ready to learn and see what our smart systems can do to empower your practice?

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