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How cloud-based dental technology is an industry “game changer”

You want to expand your practice but are tired of the costly and unreliable IT solutions for multi-practices. Your dental practice is growing, but your IT is not keeping up. You take one digital X-ray in one location, but you can’t see it at a second office.  You were recently told you need to purchase a new server…again! Are you a dental office, or are you an IT shop? The answer is obvious, so let’s get back to why you started a dental practice – to perform world-class dentistry, not troubleshoot an IT system.

Digital X-rays. Patient information. 3D images. Digital scans. Even staff training materials. So much information is stored on your office computers, and as your practice grows, that information continues to grow, as well. Opening a second or third location only increases your data and grows IT costs exponentially, while – traditionally – system reliability decreases, as a multi-site practice increases its IT demands across a wide area network.

I hear these concerns from dentist friends nationwide, often in the all too common phrase, “Please help me!” Why can’t I see an X-ray in my second office? Why does my system crash? Why is my IT budget more than ever – out of control?  I am a small it-cloud-computing-16375190_sbusiness, what is going on?

All this is part of the reason why we at have embraced “the cloud.”  It’s our unbiased mission to help you with technology and recommend the best solutions for your practice.

I know what some of you are thinking: the cloud is a mystery; even the name conjures images of data floating somewhere just below the stratosphere. But those who know the benefits of this revolutionary technology and have embraced its genius say they can’t imagine running an efficient practice without it.  Like the time they found that incredibly reliable car or met that perfect someone, they sometimes wonder what life was like before they were introduced. Do you remember what life was like without a cell phone?

Will the cloud solve every issue you may face in your dental practice? No. We’re not going to make promises we can’t keep. What we can do is give you the facts. Consider these benefits of cloud technology:

  • For multi-location practices, you can access practice management and digital X-rays in real time, from anywhere, any time, with the feeling of local level reliability across all offices, including 3D CBCT images.  Every location operates with same, fast and reliable.
  • Data is accessible across multiple mobile devices such as tablets, phones or any mobile device without the need for expensive communication lines.
  • Complete Cloud offers security technology that ensures your data is safe and HIPAA compliant.
  • Your data is stored on a secure, complete cloud system, providing 24-7-365 access to all of your system’s information. Practice management, Digital X-rays, Imaging, Scans and everything else that is part of your system.
  • IT costs are dramatically reduced, as no server or heavy computing power is needed at a local level, since the cloud can process and crunch your information for
  • Storage capacity is unlimited and scalable with the cloud, allowing your practice to grow or downsize depending on your current needs.
  • Data backups are secure, instantaneous, automatic and happen in the cloud.
  • Software updates are done in the cloud, reducing office downtime for updates and multiple sites can be updated with the click of a button – virtually instantaneously.
  • Traditional IT headaches from data backup and server maintenance are eliminated.
  • Minimal staff training is needed.

With all of these system maintenance headaches eliminated, this allows you to work with a company like to refocus on productivity, practice growth, treatment planning systems – creating an overall patient experience that has more patients saying “YES!”

With system-designed technology that creates results, that serves a purpose  – that purpose ultimately being individualized to achieve your vision faster within your dental practice, ultimately creating your bliss. It’s a dream come true for any doctor, office manger, or consultant, looking to focus on elevating a practice. cloud_stock_2_by_aisac


Not all clouds are the same.  There are many types of clouds – including software clouds and complete cloud technology – and they are quite different.

Unlike many cloud-based technology companies, we at have the ability to put ALL of your technologies into a complete, private cloud that serves your practice – we are not just putting one piece of your system in the cloud, as is often seen when someone puts their Practice Management in the cloud but can’t put imaging, office documents or financials. We at can design a complete cloud solution that places everything in one complete cloud for your practice, designed for the way you practice. This is not about serving a brand or particular product: is about serving your practice and its systems.

Sound too good to be true? Then why is it that when my friend took a picture of the Great Wall of China, I was able to see that within seconds in New York City. He was across the world, and I was able to see it. You see, Facebook was designed with purpose.

At the same time, there are thousands of multi-location practices that cannot take a digital image in one location and see it down the street quickly and efficiently. Of course this doesn’t make sense in 2016: there is a better way.

While we at like to design dream systems with purpose for our clients, we certainly don’t have our heads in the clouds, so to speak. We are being realistic when we say cloud-based technology is a game changer when designed properly for your practice. It will make high quality IT affordable and accessible for everyone, allowing you to focus on growing your practice.

When your technology system is designed properly, this feeling and sense of purpose is automated and strong enough to give you peace of mind in your dental practice and the means to control your own destiny. You want to move to a larger, more visible location? You want to expand your business? You want to access practice information, complete tasks while sitting on a train with your smart phone in hand? Cloud-based technology makes it not only possible but easily attainable. It’s not about the technology: it’s about what it can do for your life, your practice, your team and your patients.

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At SurfCT,.com, we pride ourselves on non-biased technology knowledge, complete integration, and a curiosity and thirst to understand your individual vision for your practice so that we can build a custom tailored system to achieve your goals.

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