For many people, the thought of dentistry consists of going to your local family dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning.  Depending on your needs, you may not have to visit another specialists office. However, aside from your general dentist, there are other areas of dentistry that require specialized training and practice many different methods of dental care.  We’ve covered a lot of information about general dentistry and past blogs. Here are major other fields of dentistry that you may not be familiar with:


If you’ve gone through a period of having braces, you’re likely familiar with seeing an Orthodontist.  An Orthodontist is considered to be an alignment specialist; focusing on correcting teeth and jaws that may be out of line or crooked. There are many reasons why someone may see an orthodontist, from an overbite or underbite caused by a misaligned jaw to a full treatment plan for crooked teeth.  In addition to your general dentists, an orthodontist is probably one of the more common practices you’ve been to.


A Periodontist is a specialist that focuses on the health of your gums.  The health of your gums is extremely important to your wellbeing. A Periodontist focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating many different gums issues that an individual can develop.  From issues such as bleeding of the gums due to inflammation, or more severe issues like diagnosing and treating mild to moderate forms of gum disease. A Periodontist will also handle procedures such as dental implants or cosmetic skin grafting for gums that have seen serious infection and recession…



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