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Systems Designed With Purpose to Create Your Bliss


Welcome to July! This is the time of year when Americans celebrate Independence Day, try to find time for the beach and maybe, if we’re lucky, take a vacation.

I recently took a short break myself and was reminded while packing my suitcase just how much technology has advanced in recent years.

I thought: If this were 1995, I would have packed a camcorder, a Walkman, a camera, some tapes, some CDs, a big cell phone, a few books and maybe a radio. But this week, while packing, I just carried my smartphone.Dental Professional

The point I’m trying to make is that I can still carry of all those devices, but why would I? The smart phone I carry in my pocket puts all of those systems on one device. I can take a video, listen to music, read the newspaper, take photographs and maybe even read for enjoyment.

At SurfCT, many of the of the dental practices we see that have been open for many years have a variety of gadgets that they’ve acquired over time as their practice has launched and grown. But unlike the smartphone, they are not necessarily working as a complete system. As the practice grew, gadgets were added over time. But no one ever thought to take a holistic view of all of the gadgets and technology and make them work together.

As I sit here on vacation with my on smartphone – writing much of this blog post – it reminds me of what SurfCT does for dental practices. We create systems designed with purpose. In a nutshell, that means we take the technology you currently have and optimize it so that it serves a purpose and is working as a clean process from beginning to end. Our engineers come in and take a look at your technology. Often times, this is the first time any engineer has ever taken a holistic view of the entire spectrum of technology in your practice, and also the way your practice operates, from the moment your patient walks in, to the moment he or she walks out. We take a complete look at your network and how your and team uses the technology you have.

Our engineers work to optimize the technology so it can help you communicate with your patient and educate your patient, which increases treatment acceptance and makes your team more efficient. Our approach is not about selling you more stuff; it’s not about giving you more gadgets; it’s about making sure all of the technology you currently have is working together fluidly to fulfill your vision, practice goals and patient communication and treatment needs.


The analogy I like to tell our clients is that you only score a touchdown when you run the full 100 yards. You can run 95 yards every time, every day and still not score. All the effort, but no victory, no satisfaction, but still 95 percent of the effort. What fun is that? By this I mean, you may be doing everything within your power to get close to your goal, but without a complete system designed with your practice’s specific purpose in mind, you might not achieve the success you had hoped for.

Anyone can make a computer turn on or glow. Most other IT companies do a decent job of networking your schedule so it shows up when you request it. Great! But still not a touchdown. The real question is how do you make the schedule, X-rays, photographs, practice management, paperless patient information and technology work together to achieve your goals? When I meet my clients I always say, we want you to have a system in place that helps you accomplish any vision that you have set forth for your practice. We want to help you achieve your practice goals, whether you have recently launched a dental practice or you have been established for decades.

If you are a brand new practice, we can select all of the new technologies with you and make sure your system is designed to accomplish whatever vision you have set forth for your practice. If your goal is more patients walking through the door, more treatment acceptance, better communication with your patients, increased efficiency throughout your practice or a combination of all four – we can help.FB

If you are an existing practice, most likely through the years you’ve grown and have acquired different pieces of technology as your practice budget has allowed. This is real life; Rome wasn’t built in a day. I get that. Like most small businesses, you couldn’t do it all at once, so you kind of piece-mealed it and added the technology you wanted over time based upon what you could budget – more gadgets, more technology but not necessarily all working together.

Our engineers take the time with you to understand and develop your process, examine practice work flow closely and see if your technology is working toward the same goal and working for you. We can take all of your technologies, tie them together and build a system designed with a purpose to help you increase your most desired goals.

We normally hear from our clients that increased treatment options, more new patients, better communications and higher efficiency with the team make for a more fun work environment, healthier practice and more treatment acceptance. That’s the touchdown! You are putting in the same amount of effort but you now have a system that supports your vision and allows for a highly successful practice.

Ultra-successful businesses these days are about three things: people, product and process. We know dentistry is a great product. We know that most practices have very caring people. But we also know that most of them fall short on the process. When a patient walks into your practice, it all depends on who they see and what the mood of the person is at the time. The process to ensure a complete, productive visit is not always in-tact and too dependent on the sole dentist versus the entire team. And that is what makes a business successful. You need all three.

Have you ever wondered: “I am a dental practice, so why add technology?”

As I sit here and think about it, the answer is simple: To create your vision.

You may want to work more, you may want to work less, you may want your team to be on the same page, you may not want to be saying the same thing over and over, and be the sole producer. Whatever your reason, a system designed with your vision in mind will greatly benefit the entire culture of your practice.

At SurfCT, we’re engineers. We engineer systems. And before we go and add a bunch of computers and monitors to your practice, we like to ask you, “What is your vision for the practice?” We can help you establish one if you are unsure. And when we identify the vision and see the hurdles you have to clear on a daily basis, we properly apply technology to lower those hurdles. And we can build you a thoughtfully designed system that ensures a clean process for success.
If you want to know more or you are curious, give us a call and we’ll help. We’ll blow your mind with how much we can help your practice and make you say “wow!

So as I sit here on vacation amazed by my iPhone and how much it helps me accomplish my vision, I realize that what it does for me is the same thing SurfCT does for dental practices. Give us a call and I know you will be WOWed!

Have a wonderful summer and ask yourself, is your technology working for you?

— Paul Vigario


Paul Vigario, the founder and president of – the Dental Information Technology Company. has helped expand the Dental IT field by educating and supporting the dental community since it launched in 2003. Vigario is widely identified an industry leader in the areas of dental technology, ergonomics, integration, installation, paperless practices, technical support and complete technology office design. Email him at 

How does your office’s technology stack up?


We go to a doctor for a check up. We see a mechanic for a tune up. And we go to a dental office for regular cleanings and evaluations.

These are things we all know we should do regularly to prevent future problems.

But where do we go to check on the well-being of our practices? How do we know whether we have the latest technology to be competitive in the dental market area? has the answer.

We offer technology inspections and evaluations to our partners in the dental world. Upon your request, we will send one of our skilled information technology engineers to your office to review your current level of technology and discuss your practice’s goals. Our IT experts take you through a multi-point inspection of your network and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your technological health and well-being to coincide with your goals. Den
tistry is a competitive sport these days with patients wanting more information about their treatment options.
We will provide you with a thorough report that shows you how your practice compares to others. We will also give you recommendations and discuss all of the services we provide to help our dentists compete at a high level in this ever-evolving field.if-res-htai-banner

With technology leading the evolution of dentistry – and constantly changing our practice as well as the world around us – it is difficult to keep up with the very best that technology can offer dental professionals. At, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advances and having the best technology experts in the field of dentistry and health care. Let us work with you to keep your practice on top of the latest technology and create your bliss. ™ The Intelligent Choice for Smart Practices


 Imagine a children’s waiting room that can change color schemes to appeal to different age groups: pink for young girls, blue for little boys, neon colors for teens.

Dental office staff can customize the color in a room by touching a button on a smart phone that changes the color of an overhead light. The light can also be manipulated to change mood for adults – energy lights to wake staff in the morning, calming lights right before a surgery, even red and green during the holiday season.

It sounds too good to be true, but it is possible – in fact, has already added this technology in dental offices and is currently in the process of implementing it in several others, all geared toward a particular type of practice. We have also programmed thermometers so that they turn the temperature down immediately after all staff leaves and turns

Ortho Presentation it on just before the staff arrives. On top of that, we can program security software that will alert you on your phone if a window is left open, someone is in or around the building when they should not be, or any other issue.

“It’s all about a matter of efficiency and automation,” says Paul Vigario, president and founder of “We are creating a ‘smart’ practice for our dentists and partners.”

Vigario tells a story about a dentist in the Westchester County area who uses music to get him ready for the day. When he enters the practice, the same song that was playing in his automobile will be playing in his office. It’s not coincidence, it’s by design because that’s a big part of the doctor’s mental preparation for the day ahead.

While that is one of the more luxurious examples of how “smart” practices can benefit clients, the ability to change lighting systems and regulate temperatures, along with increased security, are more practical applications.

Today’s pediatric dentists and orthodontists who work with children want their young patients to be comfortable, so they are constantly changing themes in waiting rooms to fit the newest, coolest pop phenomenon. For example, these practices might feature characters from Disney’s “Frozen” or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – yes, they’ve made a comeback, if you haven’t heard. This is just another example of how quickly things change and smart technology helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Changing the themes can get expensive and time consuming. But changing a lighting scheme is painless – no paint, just a touch of a button. And it impresses the children, as well as the parents, who know you have their childrens’ comfort in mind.

Having smart technology for your thermostat not only saves money, but it makes the room office more comfortable for everybody.

2“This is not only revolutionizing efficiency and automation, it is revolutionizing the practice and patient experience,” Vigario said. “It’s about creating your bliss. Our message is that we want everyone from the doctor to the patient and the staff to be blissful. We want to add technology to create a smart practice that makes your life easier.”

Digital X-ray technology, practice management systems, lights, appliances, door locks, cameras, thermostats, audio and video – can implement a full line of smart technologies into your practice. Contact us to learn more about how to create your bliss.™

You Have Choices and Complete Integration with SurfCT Technology

Create your bliss

Coke or Pepsi. Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

Life is filled with choices and industry is filled with competition. Most times, customers are forced to choose one or the other.

When you partner with, however, you don’t have to choose. That’s because at SurfCT, we have partnered with a variety of major best of breed technology companies to bring you the most advanced and comfortable information technology experience for your practice. We are certified to work with Apple, Dell and HP products, as well as certified and/or trained to work with all the top dental software and technology equipment manufacturing companies to help you create your bliss in your office.

“We are the only company with as much depth of knowledge in all of the various dental technologies that can best serve our clients,” said Paul Vigario, President of SurfCT. “We don’t sell products for a particular manufacturer: we are a trusted technology partner, and we’ve been able to carve out that niche in the industry because we act as an independent IT department with no ulterior motive but to make sure our dentists have the most amazing technology product integration and services working together as a completely integrated technology system that serves their needs.”

Most dental technology companies contract with certain manufacturers and therefore have a vested – and oftentimes financial interest – in pushing certain products or services. By design, SurfCT is designed to be fully independent with the engineering knowledge to integrate all dental technologies not just  a particular product or service – with this knowledge our commitment of service is to you, the doctor, Vigario says.

Vigario makes it clear that he does not sell dental technology equipment – he integrates them completely for doctors. The best-of-breed manufacturers trust in SurfCT to perform this service for the best, most advanced automated systems, which are completely integrated.

We work with DentrixPracticeWorksEaglesoftSoftDentCurve, just to name a few in the dental space and even specialty products like WinomsCSDolphinTopsOrtho and Orthotrac, along with dozens of others in the specialty space.

Vigario tells a story that vividly describes why it is so important to have a trusted partner who will work with a variety of technology manufacturers. Recently, SurfCT met with a dentist who had a good practice management system and wanted a digital X-ray system in her office.

She spoke with the X-ray technology company she wanted, whose distributor told her the only way she could integrate that system in her office was if she changed her practice management system. She and her staff had been using this practice management software for more than 12 years and they loved it. The idea of having to train on a new software practice management system – with a learning curve of 6-12 months – seemed painstaking.

“She would have had to pay almost double the amount because they work with a specific distributor that in this case wanted to push its own practice management system onto customers,” Vigario explains. “We told her she didn’t have to do that. It just makes sense: you don’t need to buy a brand new car if you just want new shiny wheels. As engineers, we can integrate the dental technologies you want for your practice with the ones you already have.”

SurfCT engineering was able to allow this client to get herself the new digital X-ray system she wanted and integrate it with her existing practice management system. As Vigario states, it was a win for everybody.

“Most importantly, the dental office wins because they get exactly what they want, and nothing they don’t need,” he said. “The digital sales reps and distributors win because they still get a sale and the most positive client experience. The trust we build with our technology knowledge is powerful for everyone

Vigario further explains his philosophy: “We are pro-technology. We want to bring the client the best possible dental technology on the market. But we are not pro-waste. As system engineers, if something is not broken, we’re not going to try to fix it or replace it. We are not going to make anyone spend money unnecessarily, and we are going to find the most advanced, efficient and cost effective way possible to help our partners create their practice bliss and achieve their goals.”

Word of mouth, strong web presence are key in recruiting patients

private-practice-social-mediaPicture this: two mothers are at a park shooting the breeze while their kids play nearby. One mother talks about her recent dental experience, while the other is suddenly intrigued – she, too, has been looking for a good dentist for her family.

The mother who is satisfied with her recent dental experience shares her dentists’ name, and the other mother immediately pulls out her cell phone to “Google” the doctor.

This example is easy to imagine happening in everyday life when you consider that 81 percent of a dentist’s customers come to he or she from word of mouth referrals, according to Fred Joyal, author of Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth.

Back to the park example, the woman who has been referred to the dentist is going to weigh her friend’s referral along with a couple of other factors: does the website look professional? Is information easily accessible? Can I make an appointment from the palm of my hand?

These are questions dental professionals need to ask themselves as they look to build their patient base in today’s tech savvy world. Dental websites need to be up-to-date and problem free. Websites that have a long loading time, flash animation, or browser compatibility issues can make your site invisible, or drive prospective patients away. On the other hand, websites that look appealing and are easy to use on smartphones will continues to drive traffic.

Furthermore, dental practices must be active on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp. A Pew Center research study conducted in 2013 found that 73 percent of adults who use the Internet for any reason are active on some form of social media. These people are looking for a variety of things, from interactions with friends to recommendations on where to eat and yes, even where to get their teeth cleaned.

Once your practice has an active social media presence, you must also have easy-to-find links to those social media sites on your website homepage. Those homepages are usually the first sites people see when they search your practice on a search engine, such as Google or Bing. Having a quality digital information technology company as your partner can help you build a stronger digital marketing presence/SEO. offers a wide variety of information technology resources that can help you build the practice you’ve always dreamed of. We can help with website design, smartphone compatibility, SEO enhancement and social media best practices. Connect with us to find out more about how we can help your business.

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